How long does it take?
It takes 60 minutes maximum.
How many people can attend at a time?
2-6 people can attend at a time.
What age does the game appeal to? Is there an age limit?
Any individual who is interested in the concept and the game can play. The ones below the age of 15 must come with parents.
Does the game require any use of force?
There is no need for any use of force in the game.
Is reservation a must before coming?
Making reservation is strongly advised since only one team is able to play at a session.
Is it possible to play in different languages?
You may play in Turkish or English. It should be indicated while making reservations.
Does the game include horror plays?
If you pick horror option before coming, it can be.
When does the game start?
It starts as soon as you pass the door.
Is it possible to quit game during play?
Yes, by contacting the admin. The rest of the team can go on the game.
What is the payment method?
The payment method is by cash.
Is it possible to gain invoice of transaction if attended by a firm?
Yes, firms can get invoice.
Is the game convenient for people who has certain health issues?
It may not be appropiate for those who have claustrophobia, panic attack or any heart issues especially for the horror version. For the ones who have cardiac pacemaker must be careful with the magnet piece in the game.